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Bringing Safe & Effective Targeted Protein Degradation Therapies to Patients Faster

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Small Molecules & TPD World Series Sponsorship Prospectus

Accelerating research & development of the small molecule drugs of tomorrow.

The Small Molecules and TPD World Series is committed to delivering the most comprehensive collection of industry-dedicated forums, exclusively focusing on the specific challenges faced by each community of small molecules and protein degradation drug developers.

The goal for this event series is to provide your team with the platform to connect, learn and fast-track first-in-class or next generation of selective, orally bioavailable, and clinically efficacious small molecules for undrugged or hard-to-drug targets to meet the needs of patients globally.

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“The TPD Summit is truly the most comprehensive protein degradation meeting available, bringing together the top experts from both industry and academia. The best place to get the most up to-date data in this field”

Scott Foster
Senior Scientist, Genentech

“This is an important opportunity for discussion and interactions about recent lines of thoughts and breakthroughs in the field of Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD). Specifically highlighting the importance of ternary complex formation, cooperativity, degrader’s linker design, dis/advantage of similar degrons for TPDs development”

Sharon Shechter
Director- Platform integration, Roivant Discovery

Protein Degradation Conferences – Product Team

Shima Salmasi, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Mia Smith

Brand Director

Huzefa Rupawala, Ph.D.

Brand Director

Quinn Tierney

Brand Director


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