Accelerate HR Team Development, Transform Functional Impact and Stay Ahead of Industry Best Practice all Year Round

Searchlight networks offer a one-stop solution for HR teams to accelerate their development, transform their impact and remain ahead of industry best practice all year round.

They are industry-specific networks which offer virtual and in-person insights and connections to help the entire HR function make better decisions with more confidence.

Providing a flexible, comprehensive solution which helps the whole HR department transform its impact and add more value to fast-moving organizations of all shapes and sizes.


Make better people decisions with more confidence


Accelerate the development of your whole HR team


Transform HR’s impact on business performance


Be energized and inspired by the chance to engage with forward-thinking leaders all year round. Challenge traditional thinking with peers equally motivated to move the needle on what’s possible. Solve common problems together and accelerate HR impact with a Searchlight network membership.



“I love being able to ask questions of my Searchlight network that I might not be able to find answers to within my organization, in a safe space with people facing the exact same challenges in the same industry as me.”

Sian Abel
Kyowa Kirin

“Connecting with this network offers a rare chance for us to exchange new thinking and ideas with each other that delivers real, measurable value to us all. Providing an opportunity to access key metrics that aren’t publicly available to benchmark our performance against our peers.”

Peter Mello

“There’s a ton of value in discussing practical, business critical challenges in this sort of environment. The real benefit is the immediate applicability of shared ideas into the business, so I’d expect a year-round conversation to offer a regular source of new, actionable ideas.”

Tom Love

“This is a brilliant idea as so much can change so quickly. We can find new and emerging ideas faster and respond to challenges impacting our industry.”

Tiffiny Lipscombe
Intermountain Healthcare

“The value of this is in offering actionable industry-specific insights I can immediately implement to deliver an ROI, and I’m excited to see how it develops.”

Kit Brady
Gillette Children’s Speciality Healthcare

True innovation can’t happen in isolation

Save time and money, get board-ready insights, work smart not hard, make better decisions, transform HR team impact, avoid reinventing the wheel