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Through our event products and data services, we deliver highly specialized information, granular insight and qualified connections to support the development of safer, more effective and accessible therapies to targeted patient populations.

We know our customers need accurate, reliable, and precise information to make better-informed decisions today. Decisions that will ensure the successful approval of the more personalized therapies of tomorrow.

We continually examine, investigate, and evaluate the life science world for unmet and unstructured information needs. We create tailor made, structured and essential products to optimize drug discovery and development decisions that are made every day.

A Trusted Partner and Information Service Provider for Biopharma


We are a trusted, definitive, and comprehensive information service provider for biopharma. We earned that trust through the depth and granularity of our market research that underpins all our products and services.

It is the unique language and ontologies we use that sets us apart. Delivering the clarity needed to tackle the complexity of drug development for precisely defined patient populations.

Across every disease, drug modality and across the entire drug development value chain, we deliver cutting-edge content, market-leading information, and provide an environment for meaningful dialogue and engagement within clearly defined R&D niches.

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why Hanson Wade

Why Hanson Wade?


We are passionate scientists who are dedicated to conducting detailed market research in the life science industry, providing unmatched depth and quality of information to those that need it most. We take pride in the fact that the data, insight, and expert connections we create and deliver to our customers become the difference between success and failure of potentially life-changing therapies and cures.

Products by Type

Beacon is the world leading data analysis tool for preclinical and clinical trials information. With unrivaled granularity of search function, data quality and exhaustiveness, Beacon not only provides timely information, but it gives confidence to progress your targeted drug therapies to patients.

Hanson Wade Conferences curate premium content, presented by world-class speakers and assembles like-minded communities that make meaningful connections within clearly defined niches of R&D.

Hanson Wade Intelligence provides precise and targeted market research and scientific intelligence that is custom made for you and your unique R&D objectives.

Searchlight, by Hanson Wade are year-round expert networks where group members regularly unite around highly specialized content areas and gain access to an exclusive KOL network to overcome shared drug development challenges faster, together.

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Across every drug modality, every disease area and every stage of drug development, Hanson Wade delivers the most comprehensive and definitive event within your R&D niche. Browse our events by topic to find the right event for you.

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