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We cover 100s of novel drug modalities. We talk to thousands of people to hear their opinions and make it understandable for every client.

Eradicate indecision and leverage our support in your strategic decision-making with our life sciences consultancy services. We are experts at researching emerging niches in drug development, navigating complex stakeholder networks, and conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis. Whether it’s primary or secondary research, we work hard to curate the timely insights you need to drive your company forward.

Market Intel

Hanson Wade makes more than 5,000 research calls into the life science industry each year, so we understand what the market is thinking.

Comprehensive Database

We have access to the structured data universe within 'Beacon' which provides unparalleled speed and specificity to market landscaping in the preclinical and early clinical stages.

In-Depth Networks

Our extensive research network of drug development experts enables us to understand the nuances of emerging modality trends.

Intelligence Services

A full range of strategic life sciences consultancy services. We offer research and insight services available on demand and designed to help you grow your business.

KOL Interviews
Market Landscape Analysis

Competitive Profiling

Brand & Prospect Surveys

Product & Message Testing


“This is really excellent work that helps me a lot with the little time I have to make maximum impact. Thanks for a very practical and useful consulting engagement!”

Alex Blyth, Founder & CEO
LIfT Biosciences

“The team did an excellent job. Through both the landscaping insights and the interviews directly with our prospects, we obtained a deeper understanding of how we should be approaching the market.”

BSP Pharmaceuticals

”Hanson Wade were fantastic to work with! James and the team were very collaborative throughout and helped us hone in on some really precise market insights that will inform our ongoing product strategy. The qualitative interviews with biopharma KOLs in particular, have given us a deeper appreciation of the challenges and opportunities in the custom assay development.”

Cell Signaling Technology

Don’t lose your competitive edge

Our proprietary tools uncover sources of niche life science insight. Every project is custom. Expect the gold standard in life science market research.