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Beacon is the essential decision-support tool for developers of complex therapeutics. Our market-defining, proprietary ontologies combined with the most accurate and comprehensive life sciences data, provide our customers with unparalleled visibility of the drug and trial landscape.

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With Beacon, you can make drug development decisions with confidence. This is why 23 out of the world’s top 25 drug developers trust us.

Market Expertise

Niche market understanding means that we develop ontologies and analytical tools tailored to the needs of fast-moving, emerging therapeutic modalities.

Unmatched Data Quality

Timely, accurate comprehensive data with a zero-tolerance approach to errors and inaccuracies – ensuring you have confidence in your research.

Customer Centric

Close client relationships enable continued agile product development and evolution to meet your emerging needs.

Beacon Modules

Each module features proprietary, hyper-relevant search and filtering tailored to specific modalities, in-depth data, plus additional market insight curated by our subject matter experts.


“Our team has found Beacon Intelligence to be a strategic asset that empowers us to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence.

This platform has emerged as an invaluable resource, providing us with a near real-time window into the preclinical and clinical landscapes of cell therapies. The depth of information is unparalleled, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve by tracking emerging competitive assets, monitoring the latest developments, and gaining crucial insights into the strategies employed by other players in the field. The platform’s ability to distill vast amounts of data into actionable insights empowers our team to make informed decisions, guiding our research towards novel and groundbreaking solutions.”

Mandy Iniguez, VP - Research
Moonlight Bio

“I look forward to using Beacon. It saves me hours of trawling through false positive results to my searches”

Head of Competitive Intelligence, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

“I’ve rarely seen such dedication from a service provider in understanding and responding to our needs”

Competitive Intelligence Manager, Top 20 Pharma

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