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Searchlight are expert networks focused on helping companies engaged in precise drug development niches make better decisions faster. Our expert life science networks facilitate solutions to shared R&D challenges that accelerate safer and more effective drugs to patients in need.

Searchlight provides a personalized quality service and access to a ready-made, hyper-relevant KOL network that delivers the critical insight, experience sharing and inspiration you need to make better drug development decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and save time.


Engage in year-round scientific exchange


Access a greater diversity of expert scientific opinion


Challenge your thinking to make smarter decisions

ADC Discovery Searchlight

Accelerated ADC Discovery Searchlight is a unique collective working to create the best-in-class ADC, optimize clinical trial design and uncover smarter approaches for problem-free scale up.
ADCs & Engineered Antibodies

Allogeneic Searchlight

Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight is a world-first consortium of allogeneic leaders working together to accelerate the translation and clinical development of allogeneic cell therapies.
Cell Therapy

CAR-TCR Solid Tumor Searchlight

CAR-TCR Solid Tumor Searchlight is a global network to pioneer the successful targeting, translation, and clinical development of effective CAR-TCR therapies, with meaningful clinical endpoints, for solid tumors.
Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Analytical Development Searchlight

Cell Therapy Analytical Searchlight is a network of analytical leaders united in scientific exchange to benchmark, standardize, and optimize analytical standards, regardless of cell type or sub-modalities.
Cell Therapy

GTx Searchlight

Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Searchlight is a vital year-round knowledge-sharing and problem-solving network designed to accelerate the safe delivery of gene therapies to rare disorder patients.
Gene Therapy

LEAP CHRO Searchlight

LEAP CHRO Searchlight is an exclusive network of Life Science CHROs ​working together to get ahead of the key people challenges facing the biopharma industry.

LEAP HRBP Searchlight

LEAP HRBP Searchlight offers HiPo HRBPs in Life Sciences access to a network of peers and a remarkable group of mentors to accelerate their development.

LEAP TA: Searchlight

LEAP TA Searchlight is a collaborative community of disruptive TA leaders engaged in a year-round goal of transforming recruitment in Life Sciences.

LNP Targeted Delivery Searchlight

LNP Targeted Delivery Searchlight is a global pre-competitive network of experts united in collaboratively unlocking the potential of LNPs for targeted delivery beyond the liver.
Process Development & Manufacturing

mRNA Searchlight

mRNA-based Therapeutics Searchlight is a critical problem-solving network of mRNA therapeutic developers focused on accelerating the delivery of safe and effective mRNA-based therapeutics to patients.
RNA Therapy

RAS Searchlight

RAS-Targeted Therapies Searchlight is the world’s first network designed to provide a continuous flow of timely insights and valuable experiences to develop therapies for RAS-driven cancers.
Protein Degradation

TPD Searchlight

Targeted Protein Degradation Searchlight is a network of TPD leaders united in scientific exchange to solve critical shared problems and progress effective protein degraders through the clinic.
Protein Degradation


Be inspired by forward-thinking leaders. Grow beyond your perceived limits. Connect with compatible members with shared challenges. Redefine and realize your business goals with Searchlight by Hanson Wade.



“This network brings me such value because it allows me to work with brilliant people to tackle shared challenges together.”

Sally Paull
Chief Human Resources Officer, Regeneron

“It’s just not efficient for individual companies to work in isolation to solve the common problems we share, which makes this so vital.”

Steve Kelsey
President - Research & Development, revolution Medicines

“Our long term strategy has been directly influenced by what we’ve heard our peers thinking about and doing in our network.”

Stephanie Franklin
Chief Human Resources Officer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

“There is a huge benefit for us all of us in the strategic exchange of what’s working – and what’s not – in the fast-moving field in which we’re engaged.”

Oliver Kraemer
Head of Gene Edited Platforms, Bristol Myers Squibb

True innovation can’t happen in isolation

Gain access to a ready-made KOL network that delivers the critical insight, experience sharing, and inspiring connections you need to make better drug development decisions, at speed.