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World ADC

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) represent the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of cancer since the advent of chemotherapy. The unparalleled potential of ADCs to significantly benefit patients has rallied every major pharma to the field and huge investments are being made to progress more of these game changing therapies.

With 11 ADCs on the market and available to patients, and 8 of those approvals happening in the last 2 years, the potential for ADCs is growing each day.

ADC drug developers, have been working with and attending the World ADC events for the past 12 years to access the latest insight into scientific breakthroughs and establish meaningful and mutually beneficially collaborations that can help them to accelerate progress.

World ADC consistently provides valuable intelligence, solutions and platforms whether that be through market leading events, webinars or relevant industry content.

As a result, World ADC is first point of call for organisations looking to gain a competitive edge in the ADC space being the longest standing and most comprehensive antibody drug conjugate event.

“The World ADC meetings organized by Hanson Wade provide for superb networking for the scientific community working on ADCs within Biotech, Pharma and Academia.”
ImmunoGen, Inc.