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Our Strategy

Hanson Wade conferences and data products accelerate the performance of businesses across the world.

Today, quantity of information is never a problem, quality always is. The right insight at the right time can change a career, a business, an industry. However volume creates confusion and confusion stalls progress.

Our job is to cut through the noise, to achieve clarity.


We work with thousands of people all over the world who each have unique objectives. However what unites them is a belief that a deeper understanding of their professional world will lead to better outcomes.

Whether it’s a scientist assessing receptor targets, a HR leader examining their company culture or an estimator modelling a new skyscraper, each invests their time to share and learn. By doing so they accelerate their own business and their industry as a whole.

Hanson Wade’s purpose is give people the clarity to see opportunity.
We create niche information products,
drawn from the collective experience of industry leaders.