LEAP stands for Leadership, Engagement, Analytics and Process – four pillars of any HR transformation agenda. But what really made us choose to call our business LEAP was because the word signifies the bold, ambitious, even risky leaps we inspire people leaders to make to truly change their companies from the inside. Every LEAP HR event has been designed to showcase the most significant leaps made – or being planned – by CHROs and HR VPs today to transform the impact they and their teams can have.

LEAP HR events offer a unique platform to share the impact your solutions are having on your clients’ businesses, and plug into a ready-made network of forward-thinking potential customers actively evaluating new solutions. Whether your solution enables strategic leaps, tactical leaps, commercial leaps, cultural leaps, collaborative leaps or technological leaps, if you and your offering are making a difference to the way your clients perform, sponsoring a LEAP HR event offers a tailor made platform to tell the world about it, and win new business as a result.

In developing each LEAP HR event, we search each industry for the best examples of companies actively challenging traditional thinking around the role of HR in the business. LEAP HR events shine a light on these pockets of enlightenment and aim to create a movement out of a spark of inspiration, or a moment of courage. That’s why we do what we do, and it’s why we hope you’ll get value out of taking part, and changing your business for the better as a result.