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Marcus L

Marcus Levitt
Delegate Sales Manager

I joined Hanson Wade in 2016 and I’ve witnessed the rapid growth of the organisation first hand, including the primitive act of knocking down walls and meeting rooms to make space for the influx of new employees.

The delegate sales team plays a major part in the overall growth of Hanson Wade. Here we are the eyes and ears of the business, seeking relevant individuals to join us at our meetings, covering a broad spectrum of industries. Predominantly our meetings are held within the life science sector and on a daily basis we speak to senior members within academia, pharma and biotech to understand their research needs and establish value in the content we’re hosting.

With rapid company growth, comes a multitude of opportunities. Within my first two years I’ve moved from being a freshly graduated new starter to now managing a team of six sales representatives.

Hanson Wade has given me the tools and skills to shape and develop my sales team.  It’s a hugely rewarding role, and can often be tough.  However, I feel I’ve been able to thrive due to the culture of support and encouragement.