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Jen M

Jen Mackay
Senior Sponsorship Manager

I came straight to Hanson Wade after finishing my masters, being attracted by a job that remains within life science whilst not requiring any lab work.  Joining as a Delegate Acquisition Executive, the role was to curate the audience specifically for the life science portfolio and I was initially a bit uncertain about taking on a sales-based role, for which I had no experience. However, I soon got over my hesitations.  The energetic culture of the company is what I first admired, being very inclusive and open, and what has really kept me engaged is the opportunity for progression.

The different project teams and managers I’ve worked with have always challenged me, and because of this I’ve had the opportunity to advance my career much earlier than I ever imagined. After 9 months, I moved across to the sponsorship team, and, within 2 years of joining, I’m now a Senior Sponsorship Manager within the cell therapy portfolio. This role allows for a lot of autonomy, approaching sales in a very consultative way.

I am taking part in the Wader Management Academy and getting ready to step into a managerial role in the coming months. I truly feel that Hanson Wade aims to accelerate everyone’s career as quickly as possible, in a highly supportive environment.

Interacting daily with industry leaders from around the world has allowed me to begin building a network within the cell therapy field, giving me the opportunity to establish myself in an expanding area of pharmaceutical development.   I have had to learn the drug development process and landscape in much more detail than my life science degree ever covered, and this level of understanding has provided me with wider context as to how this industry operates.

It’s really exciting to see the way our conferences can accelerate ongoing therapeutic developments, with the sharing of ideas and networking opening up new avenues for research and collaboration.

A key component of the sponsorship role includes attending Hanson Wade events and I find this provides a great opportunity to experience first-hand how our work genuinely impacts not only our direct clients, but the industry as a whole.