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Anawat T

Ice Tarr
Head of Technology Innovation

As a graduate, it can be daunting choosing your first job. There’s lots of pressure to find one that will give you the foundations to succeed. Starting my career at Hanson Wade was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I started at Hanson Wade straight out of university and spent my first 18 months working on various projects for the CEO. These ranged from undertaking competitive analysis and rolling out Slack as our main communications tool to creating resource forecasting models to predict our rapid growth. Looking back, it was an incredible learning experience as I got the chance to work on exciting business challenges that were intellectually and technically stimulating. I also appreciated how easy it was to go up to people and ask them to teach or talk through anything with me.

I then became Head of Technology, going from the guy who just used to work in the corner on his own projects to the guy everyone needed to see for their IT issues. Everything about my job was suddenly different – laying out a technology strategy, managing vendors, designing new systems and troubleshooting for other people were all things I had to learn on the job. Learning these skills while trying to make sure the internet didn’t go down was intimidating! But again, it was the chance for me to learn a vast amount in a short time.

Looking back on my time at Hanson Wade, I feel lucky to have ended up in a role that is perfectly aligned with my passions. Technology is one of my greatest passions in life; the chance to define what and how we use technology is an incredibly rewarding opportunity that gets me out of bed each day. Along the way, I get to learn loads in a fast-paced, fun-loving and supportive environment!