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Grace R

Grace Robertson
Senior Conference Producer

In transitioning from a career in medicine, Hanson Wade stood out to me as a unique opportunity to work in biological science and develop a commercial grounding in business at the same time.

As a new graduate, I started in delegate acquisition where I gained core sales skills and a fresh insight into other corporate roles while working cross-functionally with marketing, data analysis, production and the operational teams.  I learnt how to pitch, objection handle, and source leads, as well as how to translate insight from clients into more impactful marketing messaging and plan my work to hit weekly and monthly targets.

After 10 months in DA I was ready for an internal promotion to our production team, where my core responsibilities became researching directly with senior level scientists to build commercially and scientifically compelling agendas, and directing the sales and marketing strategy from entrance into the market through to operational delivery on site. The autonomy of both product and project management has given me the grounding to grow my own portfolio of commercially successful events and the opportunity to develop a breadth of skills applicable to a range of future roles in business.

Now as a Senior Conference Producer my main focus is to build market leading events and a cohesive, identifiable brand to align them. Balancing robust scientific content with different avenues of commercial revenue, I’m constantly challenged to deliver experiences I promise to the community and have a genuine impact to drug development in life threatening diseases.