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Chagish Gnanaranjan
Campaign Analyst

After graduating from university in 2017, I joined the Hanson Wade Audience and Insights (Data) team to seek new challenges. I was always interested in getting my hands on new tech and using it to provide meaningful insight and analysis for the masses.

For me, Hanson Wade really stood out from the very beginning for its incredible support, as well as embracing possibilities and creating opportunities. Within a few months, I was able to quickly move up the ladder and soon found myself taking on larger projects as well as stirring up more complex analysis that influenced key decisions.

Working on a variety of projects, there is no typical day in the job. Every day as an analyst you are faced with a myriad of varied challenges which makes it perfect for someone like me who values a dynamic work environment with great opportunities to learn new skills. I also appreciate being able to get a glimpse of the expertise of my fellow friends and colleagues by working alongside them in different areas of the business.

At Hanson Wade, there’s a strong sense of camaraderie. It's an inspiring place to be where everyone clearly has each other's best interests at heart. The sense of teamwork is phenomenal and due to the transparent environment you get to know everyone extremely quickly and you always understand the direction the company is going in.

The values, opportunities and expertise are not just idle words; they influence every aspect of our strong work ethic and enjoyable culture, and I look forward to discovering what new opportunity and challenges lie ahead for me here.