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Ben Carrington
Brand Director

As a recent biology graduate wanting to use their scientific background in a non-lab environment, Hanson Wade was the perfect fit. Entering the company as a Conference Producer I was immediately thrown into researching my own programs, building compelling agendas and speaker faculties and managing cross-functional in-market campaigns across a range of cutting-edge scientific topics. In a fast paced environment, I had to quickly become adept at a variety of novel skills from marketing copy to onsite operational delivery, market research and competitor analysis.

Having advanced to Senior Conference Producer, I quickly transitioned into a portfolio of related events in precision medicine. With ownership of large scale events and greater responsibility for commercial results, the SCP role placed greater emphasis on becoming a subject matter expert and establishing a KOL network throughout the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and healthcare industries.

After two years in the business I became a Brand Director, taking on a slightly different day to day role. With ultimate responsibility for my portfolios annual revenue, I’m tasked with putting the product plan and team in place to deliver for the business. I have full autonomy over the direction of the portfolio and am tasked with thinking more creatively about ways to improve and solidify the market position of our events, build out new revenue streams and scale our product offering. From validating novel conference topics, taking on direct line management and establishing a non-conference product related revenue stream, I’m facing a variety of new and exciting challenges for expanding the impact our company has on the industry we work in.