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Aarti D

Aarti Diwan
Marketing Manager

My journey at Hanson Wade started in 2014 as a graduate Marketing Assistant. Through working with my peers and having the opportunity to learn from more senior members of the company, including the Marketing Director and the CEO, this fast-paced role allowed me to familiarise myself with marketing theory and practice, the Martech used and the workings of the wider business.  It was exciting to see from the start the impact any individual can have on driving the success of a project by sharing an idea and then working with a collaborative and ambitious team to bring it to life.

I’ve felt very fortunate to be surrounded by open-minded individuals who are driven to support my career progression. Within my first year I was promoted to Marketing Executive and given campaigns to manage for multiple events across a wide range of channels. I quickly learned new things and felt challenged to the limits of my capabilities.  It was a lot of hard work.  However, within a further year it paid off when I was promoted to Marketing Manager.

In 2018, I took the next step in my career with line management responsibility and this has brought fresh and enjoyable challenges. I’ve been well supported to succeed in this role through our in-house training at the Wader Management Academy and I’ve found it invaluable.

I also love that Hanson Wade celebrates the hard work and success of teams and individuals by bringing us together outside of the work environment. From a team night out at the London Zoo, to an evening of jazz with the social club and a company-wide treasure hunt, I’ve made some really great memories here.

Working in the events sector can be a real whirlwind of tight deadlines across multiple projects while meeting the demands of different teams.  It’s often the case that I’m writing a strategy for one event, launching another, fulfilling my planned marketing activities on a third and presenting post-event analysis and recommendations on a fourth. To keep up with this fast paced environment, managing priorities and the expectations of colleagues are the key skills I’ve learned here, enabling me to keep pace and embrace the challenges.