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5th December 2014

Welcome to the first weekly blog, written for candidates who are looking for their first graduate job, or their next career move. I’ve been hiring people for many years, and have had the privilege to see great talent realise their potential in their roles. I’ve also seen a lot of potential talent make simple errors that scuppered their chances of securing a job they were capable of doing. Every second week I’ll focus on graduate recruitment, and the other week will be more general.

It is a busy time completing your degree and looking for your first or next role. Applications go unanswered, you travel (often at your expense) to an assessment centre to be told at the end of the day that you are not suitable, you get to the final stage, but don’t get the offer. It’s frustrating, confusing and sometimes annoying. Above all else, you rarely get useful feedback from recruiters that helps you prepare for the next interview process.

With this in mind, I want to give you the inside view – what I see and how to avoid the traps that candidates so often fall into. Each week I’ll share a new insight, and hopefully help you shine at interview, and get the job your right for.

The Corporate Recruiter

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