The Tumor Models Event Series is an established and niche opportunity for you to optimize your preclinical and translational best practice, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to rapidly advance only the most promising oncology candidates across the valley of death into human clinical trials. Via preclinical and clinical case studies, discover how harness data from more predictable and physiologically-relevant preclinical models to better inform the design and interpretation of first-in-man trials for targeted patient populations and advance translational decision making. Discover how to advance your latest oncology candidates into a human clinical setting in full confidence and ultimately reduce clinical failure rates.

Through industry-defining content, Hanson Wade events have built focused and senior level networks. We provide our highly valued sponsors more targeted business development, thought leadership and educational opportunities. Bespoke partnerships deliver not only a valuable onsite experience, but also year-round engagement & ultimately outstanding ROI . First time partnerships turn into long standing relationships that offer a genuine value year after year.

Overcoming patent expirations, replenishing clinical pipelines and increasing innovation are essential objectives for the pharmaceutical industry as they strive to deliver value for patients. Working with industry pioneers and key opinion leaders Hanson Wade delivers bespoke networking and solution-led conferences that help developers bring their innovations to market, establish mutually beneficial partnerships and realise the potential of precision medicine.