The oil and gas business is unique in operating in some of the most complex parts of the world in which to do business. As a result, the Hanson Wade supply chain community has been established as a means of ensuring that companies can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible whilst remaining compliant. Ultimately to ensure that projects can move forward faster with minimal risk and the maximum possible return.

The operators who are part of this community need access to the most effective and reliable providers as much as the solution providers need access to the most active potential customers, and as a result, this unique industry-specific community offers an invaluable platform for making connections between those who are facing logistical and compliance challenges in operating in established and emerging markets, and those who have the answers.

In order to effectively execute the projects which are active around the world, companies need to be sure that their supply chain and their compliance strategies are in line with industry best practice. As a result, operators are telling us that they come back to the forums as they offers a rare and valuable opportunity to benchmark and network with the very best in their industry who are facing the same challenges they are.