Our goal is to accelerate progress within organizations and across the oil and gas business. We do this by creating knowledge sharing networks around business-critical issues and exclusive conferences which unite the world’s smartest thinkers and doers. The team is passionate about the power of communities, and is characterized by inspirational people who seek to make a real difference.

The goal each of the knowledge sharing network we establish is to connect those who have a problem, with those who have a solution. This provides for a unique platform for solution-providers to demonstrate the value proposition of their offering to a pre-qualified audience of potential customers, delivering tangible business development results.

The networks we establish and the forums we create are focused. Designed to connect peers tackling a challenge in isolation with others who have faced the same challenges and overcome them from around the world. The end result is a short cut to a solution, a shared support network, and a community which exists to move the industry forward.