As the lower and middle class move up the social strata and income increases, the need for organizational transformation is a priority for the banking sector in order to increase market share intelligently. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to gain first hand access to the strategic insights of the multinational banks and regional pioneers. Providing the commercial information and networking opportunities to support Latin America´s banks and financial services organizations achieve the growth that is within grasp is a priority for us here at Hanson Wade. We do this by providing access to industry first commercial case studies, benchmarking formats that enable knowledge exchange and access to an exclusive leadership network.

The opportunities for solution providers to access the Latin American Financial Services market are rising at the same rate as the market itself. With more decision makers actively seeking out companies who can help them overcome their rising challenges, our forums are uniquely placed to give vendors access to a ready made audience of potential clients. Partners come back because there is no more effective way to access the Latin American banking and financial services leadership community.

Hanson Wade Latin American Forums have, over the course of the past five years, established themselves as the pre-eminent forums for the Latin American leadership network to exchange ideas and best practice. At each meeting, CEOs, VPs and Directors attend to share and learn what is required to capitalize on rising opportunities and to tackle the unique challenges & opportunities which exist in the Latin American Market.

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