The construction industry is currently being disrupted by several waves of technology and process innovation. BIM has evolved from a design tool to a collaborative platform driving efficiency from the supply chain to field operations. Condensed project schedules are pressuring teams to collaborate and adopt new methods such as multi-trade prefabrication. Meanwhile additional technology is improving the accuracy of cost estimation, the productivity in the field, the handover process to clients, bidding efficiency and much more. Hanson Wade provides highly targeted events that enable the right combination of companies and job titles to network and benchmark their adoption of these technologies and processes.

Join senior attendees who are already looking for solutions and minimize the number of your competitors in the room. Our events are not designed for you to collect hundreds of business cards of people you will never speak to again. Instead, we will design a platform that will enable to you to engage in detailed conversations and forge strong relationships with potential future clients – conversations that will genuinely make a difference to your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss opportunities at the below events.

The future of construction is undoubtedly more integrated and your ability to understand and collaborate with trades, designers, contractors, architects, owners and other project partners is becoming increasingly important. Our meetings will enable you to grow your network and understand the perspectives of people from across the industry. This insight is invaluable when working on increasingly complicated projects and working within integrated teams to cut costs, reduce schedules and meet client expectations.

Advancing Project Controls 2017