Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) represent the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of cancer since the advent of chemotherapy. The unparalleled potential of ADCs to significantly benefit patients has rallied every major pharma to the field and huge investments are being made to progress more of these game changing therapies.

Hanson Wade sits at the heart of this community creating forums that bring people together, promote the exchange of ideas and propel the ADC field forward.

The complexity of ADC development has created opportunities for close collaboration between different stakeholders.  Drug developers are rushing to get their programmes into the clinic and onto market as fast as possible. Creating a strong need for enabling technologies and outsourced solutions that can speed development.

Hanson Wade works in partnership with our partners to position their unique offerings in this rapidly expanding field and help connect solution providers with the leading thinkers in ADCs.

Since its inception in 2010 World ADC has developed as the premier forum for networking and knowledge sharing in the ADC field. The exclusive focus on ADCs and unwavering commitment to highlighting cutting edge research and new breakthroughs as they happen has made the series the most valued in the industry.

Over one and half thousand attendees have drawn on World ADC to access new knowledge and contacts that can help accelerate their own research.