Our brands

Our brands represent our connection with, and commitment to, the markets we serve. Each is underpinned by a passionate dedicated team with a deep understanding of the sector.



World ADC sits at the heart of antibody-drug conjugate community creating forums that bring people together, promote the exchange of ideas and propel the ADC field forward.


Cell & Viral Immunotherapy

Accelerating the delivery of the next generations of safe, effective and commercially viable cell and viral immunotherapies



Enhancing project delivery outcomes across the construction industry through technology and workflow innovation


CRISPR & Precision Genome Editing

Ensuring that in basic research, therapeutic development and agriculture R&D applications, CRISPR/Cas9, reaches its full potential as a breakthrough technology



LEAP HR events bring senior, industry-specific groups of people leaders together to challenge traditional thinking around how HR is done in the most progressive companies.

Biomarker & Diagnostics

Making the pursuit of precision medicine a reality through improved discovery, development and commercialization of predictive biomarkers, companion diagnostics and targeted therapies



Proving the causality of the microbiome to accelerate the discovery, translation and product development of safe, effective and commercially successful microbiome-based products

Disease Modelling

Bringing together cutting edge research into and application of in silico, in vitro, in vivo & ex vivo models of human disease.


Beacon analyses large, complex, unstructured drug development data to create clear, intuitive data and insight that scientists and strategists can rely on to make better decisions, faster.