I’ve been at Hanson Wade for a little over two years – although it certainly doesn’t feel that long.

If I cast my mind back, I remember moving to London on a Saturday, and starting at Hanson Wade on the Monday.

I entered our sales training program, a 3 week training program that taught me all I need to know about the conference industry, and sales – or so I thought.

I started in our delegate sales team, engaging industry leaders from all over the world – Houston, Dubai, Hong Kong – and engaging them on how our events, and the communities we work with can rapidly accelerate the work they do.

I soon found that Hanson Wade is a place where hard work, resilience, and if that doesn’t work – thinking outside of the box – are rewarded. Within 4 months I was working on some of Hanson Wade’s biggest products, an opportunity that increased my earnings potential, but also my internal brand in the business.

I’ve always set myself the target of being the best sales person within the company I work for. After 10 months I decided I wanted to join the Hanson Wade Business Development team, and I went back to school – engaging in intensive sales training alongside my day to day job in Delegate Sales.

In February 2014 I joined our Sponsorship Sales team. I now work with CEOs, Directors and Heads of Business Development and Marketing all over the world helping them approach their target markets, enter new geographies, and launch new products. Above all – helping them do more business in their chosen field.

After 1 year in the Sponsorship Sales team I now find myself mentoring one of our recent starters and helping him shape his career at Hanson Wade – not something I ever saw myself doing. From the outset at Hanson Wade, you are immersed in the wader culture, which reflects the young, dynamic, and fast growing nature of the company. The old adage ‘work hard, play hard’ has never been more apt, reflected by the vibrant social life outside of work.

I would recommend Hanson Wade to anyone looking to forward their career and development as a sales person.

Liam Wedderburn