I started at Hanson Wade in December 2013 and was hired as a part of the Marlin III program as a conference producer. During my hiring period I was told that I would initially start and train in the delegate sales department with the rest of the Marlin’s to give me the tools and mind-frame I need to succeed commercially at Hanson Wade. Initially I wasn’t sure about starting in sales as it can have some negative connotations, but the sales training and development I received are still central to my day-to-day role as a conference producer.

After an initial intense month’s training in delegate sales and another month on the floor with the sales team I moved across to production and immediately felt at home. I work as a Program Director within the Life Sciences team, focusing mainly on personalised medicine and this is something that ties in directly with my undergraduate degree from The University of Manchester where I studied Genetics.

In my opinion, production is the most varied and rewarding job function within Hanson Wade as I am constantly working with the Sales, Sponsorship, Marketing, MOPS, and Operations teams to build and deliver global events. My main role is to build the agenda’s and speaker faculties for our meetings through consulting and liaising with key senior-level contacts within the pharmaceutical/biotech and academic research communities. My goal is to put together industry-leading events that attract event sponsors and delegates to help grow and develop the communities we operate within.

Going and running our events and experiencing the months of hard work and preparation come to fruition over a 2-4 day period is extremely rewarding. Travelling the world at a young age is a fantastic opportunity and building a network of contacts in the industry’s in which I operate benefits Hanson Wade as it makes it easier for our events to grow and spot the next big thing.

The two biggest highlights so far are being part of our Tiger Team 6, where we presented to the CEO and directors our thoughts on internal processes at Hanson Wade and we have seen these suggestions already being implemented. Second to this was experiencing our inaugural Beer Festival at our World CDx Berlin meeting where I felt like a true German local enjoying a “couple” of stein’s of beer with a traditional brass band playing in the background as well. It was surreal!

Whether it’s meeting speakers onsite who I have been talking with for months leading up to the meeting, or the diversity of the role, production is both intellectually-stimulating and commercially-focused and I would strongly encourage anyone looking to rapidly advance their career over multiple job functions to apply!

Jason Green