All throughout school and university, I have always had a strong interest in Event Management. Once I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Bath in International Management and Spanish, I was certain that I did not want to follow the steps of many of my fellow course mates into a graduate scheme. I found myself looking for entry-level jobs and before I knew it I found Hanson Wade.

Hanson Wade promises a fast-paced working environment, an international reach, fast career progression and challenging opportunities.  I’ll soon be celebrating 3 years at Hanson Wade and it has delivered!

Each conference, no matter how small or large, straight-forward or complex will teach you something new along the way.

As an Event Manager, my role is to look after the delivery of the conference, pre, onsite, and post conference, whilst keeping our clients’ experience always at the front of my mind.

Amongst many other duties, my role also includes:

What’s the very best part of the role? The Operations Team hands down. We have each other’s backs, we learn from one another and most importantly we laugh together through all challenges and successes. Yes it sound like a cliché, but when you work together this closely – your colleagues become family.


Lisa-Katharina Kleber