A day in the life of a Marketing Manager

The purpose of my role is to increase the awareness of an event to a specific target market and successfully communicate the value of attending, for the purpose of persuading them to register a place to join us.

I achieve this by generating marketing collateral that will resonate with potential customers. This can be through a multitude of different marketing channels, including websites, email marketing, print material or social media – to name just a few!

I can work on anywhere up to 10 events at one time, typically over a 4 month span, so there’s always lots of activities to keep me busy.

Just as important to this role is internal communication and team work. I work very closely with the producer of the event. They research the audience and the content of the meeting, and I am responsible for working out, from that information, what will make people purchase. I then translate that into everything that will be seen externally.

Key areas of my role include:

What do I love about the job?

The flexibility and encouragement of creativity. Anything I want to do I can try so long as I feel confident I will see a good return of investment. If I want to spend more time on social media and feel that you will see and ROI then I can.

Most of all however, I love the fact that I have sole responsibility for the marketing of an event. I have the budget and I am the decision maker. No other marketing manger works on my events. I can turn the ideas in my head into actions and whether they’re positive, or sometimes negative, I am guaranteed a visible result, which only encourages me to do it bigger and better next time.

Katie Draper