Delegate Sales


Two years ago I was asked to write a short piece for our website about my journey in Hanson Wade so far. A lot has changed since then. We have moved into a fantastic new office, we have continued to grow, we are working with loads of new and exciting people and I now have my own sales team of four sales reps. That is why it is so exciting to work with a small, rapidly growing company like Hanson Wade and the reason I am still here. In a big blue chip company it would take me years and years to make my way up into sales management. However, in just two years I have been given the training and coaching I need to develop my own skills and help develop others. This does not stop now that I have a successful sales team. I receive constant training to make sure I can keep building my career for the future.

What’s next? The answer is simple… Whatever I want it to be. What I have learned here is that, if you put in the hard work and think smart about what you can do, then you can create your own path in this company.

Tom Wells