Learning & Development

Our commitment to you is to make you the very best you can be. That’s why at Hanson Wade training and development starts on day one. In your first weeks we’ll help you build the skills you need to kick start your career with us.

After your initial training, individual coaching and skill sessions will be offered to you on an on-going basis so you can progress your career at your own pace. We don’t set the agenda, you do. We are a young business that’s growing rapidly, with masses of opportunities. So if you want them, the opportunities are here for the taking.

A Wader story after joining one of our coaching programmes:

The Tiger Team is a small group of people selected from all departments across Hanson Wade and is designed for those who are thinking about a career in management. The programme consists of group training and individual coaching and each rotation is based upon a theme and our most recent theme was learning and development. As soon as you’ve been with us for 6 months you’re eligible to apply. Every coaching session I’ve had has been inspiring and the project work is rewarding. It’s really helping me to develop my professional and personal goals as well as helping me focus on my career to ensure that I continue to develop my skills. I now think very differently about the way I approach the decisions I have to make in my day to day job. I know I am becoming much more commercially astute and not only is it helping me develop professionally, I’ve also been able to use what I’ve learnt outside the office. 

If you’re serious about developing your career quickly, I would highly recommend joining the Tiger Team and coaching sessions when you join.”