Who we are

The Hanson Wade team is characterised by inspirational people who design events to make a difference, united by our passion for what we do.

Every Wader believes that the right connections can change a person, a business or a whole industry for the better.

We have seen first hand the results achieved when driven people are brought together around a common goal. New ideas, new partnerships – progress. The collaboration of our customers at events genuinely excites us. As do the results achieved by their combined innovation, insight and commitment.

Our expertise is in how to find these people, get them together and then create environments that deliver. We know that it’s not just that you get together, it’s how you get together that makes the difference.

Our passion is to become the best in the world in these disciplines, making the largest possible impact on progress and growth. This is reflected in our vision:

“Be the heart of the business community”