Our partnerships

Playing match-maker to create real industry partnerships is perhaps the most exhilarating part of what we do. Helping our attendees improve their businesses and matching them to the right solution is hugely satisfying. Finding the right sponsorship partners for our meetings ensures that at the event, everybody wins.

It feels great to know that we helped to guide the selection process and produce an exciting result for both our event participants and sponsors.

When it comes to commercial partnerships our partners say it better than we could:

thermofisher“I have over the years worked with many different professional organizers of conferences. To give you a brief background on my experiences I work on an annual basis with approximately 10 different conferences and have done so the past two years. The team organizing the world companion diagnostics meeting is by far the best team I have worked with on all levels.It started with the sales effort, which was very professionally performed, and went on with the pre-meeting planning and the actual performance of the meeting in details all top performed! Further to conclude, the professionalism showed both before, during and after the event is impressive and was beyond my expectations! I congratulate Hanson Wade for having such superb co-workers! I am looking forward to working with you in future events.”
Jörgen Dahlström, PhD, EMBA, Thermo Fisher Scientific
GLJ“Hanson Wade conferences provide near surgical access to our target market, the corporate decision makers that utilize our services. As a multi-year sponsor, we have witnessed compounding benefits to our involvement, strengthening and extending our client relationships and network.In this past year alone, our sponsorship has led to half a dozen new projects including the potential for significant year over year return business and, most recently, annual revenue growth of approximately ten percent for one of our key target markets.”
Caralyn Bennett, Vice President, GLJ Petroleum Consultants
Titan“I have been to many, many conferences over the years. This Hanson Wade conference ranks as one of the best.The slate of speakers was outstanding and each speaker added appreciably to the overall content of the meeting. I gained a great deal of knowledge from the excellent array of speakers and participants. This was a winner.”
Brian Marcotte, CEO Titan Oil Recovery, former President Unocal Asia
Energy Navigator“Energy Navigator has sponsored two Hanson Wade meetings. Our first priority was to increase awareness and recognition of our company, brand and products and establish ourselves as experts in the unconventional reserves analysis space. Our primary goal was definitely met: We are receiving more inbound leads and the calls we have with potential clients are warmer because they have already heard of us.The second goal for Energy Navigator was to generate actionable leads. From both conferences, we have walked away with over 20 qualified, actionable leads and these have generated 3 long term and on-going evaluations.”
Tim Loser, Vice President, Energy Navigator
Washington University“I attended your NGS for Drug Development meeting in Boston this Summer. I could not be more enthusiastic in my description of how useful it was. The talks were timely and relevant to our concerns, but, more importantly, the organized networking opportunities were the best I have experienced in a professional meeting. Bravo on the “speed dating”!

As a result of the meeting we currently are involved in active negotiations with three companies we met there and are in question-answering stage with others. Almost too much interest for us to handle!! Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon in San Francisco.”
Seth D. Crosby, MD, Director, Washington University School of Medicine

Millennium“It was a great conference. Very carefully chosen content and very informative. It is the right balance between industry and academia. I enjoyed all presentations and discussion panels.”
Elena Izmailova, Millennium Pharma: TheTakeda Oncology company
Naval Medical Research“I enjoyed the event very much. I found some of the talks to be of very high quality. People are at the very front of their field, and I met a few people that will be key to advance my projects. So the meeting was a success for me.”
Enrique Herrera, Naval medical research center, Frederick, Maryland
bina“Bina was extremely impressed with Hanson Wade’s organization of the World Genome Data Analysis meeting. The event has brought together some of the brightest minds and industry leaders in genomics for a series of illuminating seminars and beneficial meetings.We look forward to working with Hanson Wade in the near future.”
Mahni Ghorashi, Director of Strategic Programs at Bina Technologies

If you’d like to work with us get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.