Find, Select, Connect


At the heart of everything we do is our ability to find the right people. Those who inspire the most commercially valuable outcomes. 

For every problem there are people working on the solution, but separately. Different countries, different industries and simply unaware of each other. We find the people who are solving the most important and most complex commercial problems.

Our goal is to find the right mix of people to solve the issue. To bridge the barriers that separate them and to find solutions.


We talk to hundreds of people a month. All over the world and in a huge number of industries. Our team is expert in distilling huge volumes of information into real insight. The quality of our research means everything to the quality of our events.

We listen to what people say, and often what they don’t say, to select critical issues from the noise. The issues that will really allow this drug class to progress, this oil well to operate more safely or this business to develop talent better.

That means selecting the people and issues that make the difference.

We live or die by this process. In a connected world information is cheap, but insight is more valuable than ever.


The right people together around the right issue is invaluable, but we know not all time spent together is equal. We create the right atmosphere for our attendees to mix. Ensuring that people’s time together makes a difference.

That might mean guiding the way a speaker presents, changing the way a panel runs or creating an environment that stimulates debate.

Our goal is to create a genuine connection. The skill, passion and dedication of our attendees takes care of the rest.